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How long can a call be recorded?
MagicJackRecorder can record as long as you want. If you have enough hard disk space, the recording length is virtually unlimited.

Which Audio formats do MagicJackRecorder support?
MagicJackRecorder saves records in Ogg Vorbis or wav format. By default, Ogg encoding format is used, You can also export recorded conversations into MP3, Speex and WMA files easily.

How can I edit the recordings?

You can export your recordings and edit them in any other Audio editing tool. We recommend Audacity, which is open source and free.

What exactly is Dual Audio Track?
Dual Audio Track means your voice and your partners' voice are separated into 2 individual audio tracks, making it very convenient for future editing. This is a popular request we get from our Podcast customers.
How can I export recorded calls into MP3 files?
Once in MagicJackRecorder, select the records you want to export, and then click menu "File | Export Records As Wav Files". If it's the first time you try to export mp3 files, MagicJackRecorder will show you a window that will help you to download and install the lame_enc.dll module. If the lame module is already installed, the exporting will begin automatically.

How can I export recorded calls into WAV files?
Once in MagicJackRecorder, select the records you want to export, and then click menu "File | Export Records As Wav Files".

Where do MagicJackRecorder save the recordings?
MagicJackRecorder saves call recordings in a sub folder under \Program Files\MagicJackRecorder\Recordings.

How can I use MagicJackRecorder on another computer?
The registration code you receive from us is just for one computer. You should buy another license in order to use MagicJackRecorder in another computer. See our license prices.

Will my System run MagicJackRecorder?
Please visit our System Requirements page. MagicJackRecorder can be installed as shareware in order to assure you it will run flawlessly, visit our download page and try it for free!

Why is my Firewall poping up on MagicJackRecorder?
When MagicJackRecorder checks if a new version exists, some Firewall programs may say that MagicJackRecorder is trying to access internet. You should allow it to access the site www.MagicJackRecorder.com. It does not contain any spyware, viruses, trojans nor backdoors, our software is completly safe, and it's certifyed by several third party systems.

Thanks for your interest on MagicJackRecorder, we hope you find the software usefull and enjoy using it.